Cosmetic Injectables- What’s New

Cosmetic injectables have been popular with men and women for over 20 years in Australia.  

Primarily used to soften or eliminate facial lines, these treatments are a quick, easy and effective way to keep you looking fresh, relaxed and more youthful.  

Pretty much everyone is aware of this these days, so what’s new?  

Whilst looking youthful is important to us all, the use of cosmetic injectables has come a long way since their humble beginnings.  

Today anti-wrinkle treatments and dermal fillers can be used to help those with minor facial asymmetries and can subtly enhance the shape of your face. 

In fact, cosmetic injectables are used more for contouring the face these days than for lessening facial lines, where their use began.  

Some of these subtle facial enhancements include: 

  • Creating/regaining a youthful cheek contour 
  • Slimming a square jawline 
  • Creating a more defined jawline 
  • Creating a more defined chin  
  • Elevating a heavy brow
  • Correcting brow asymmetry 
  • Elevating the lateral brow position 
  • Correcting hollow temples 
  • Alleviating dark circles under the eyes 
  • Lengthening a short top lip  
  • Alleviating a “gummy smile” 
  • Lifting the corners of the mouth (lip flip) 
  • Subtle widening of a long face 

Of course, these specialised treatments require a talented and experienced injector to give the desired results and it must be reiterated that these results are subtle.  

What products are used these days and what is new? 

This discussion is made difficult by the TGA regulations preventing anyone from using product names online or in form of written or digital information.   

Basically, cosmetic injectables are either anti-wrinkle treatments or dermal filler treatments.  

Most people are aware of what these are and their differences, but for those who are unsure and would like a detailed description, check out our previous blog Anti-wrinkle Treatments – Your Questions Answered and our pages for Female Treatments and Male Treatments

In this world where changes happen around us at an alarming rate, like commercial aeroplanes – cosmetic injectables have really not changed much at all in the last 20-odd years or more – since the inception of the most common form of muscle relaxant (anti-wrinkle) and the arrival of HA’s or hyaluronic acid fillers.  

Whilst new companies have brought out alternatives as often happens the original remains better than the rest in many injectors and clients’ estimation.  

The difference in the actual manufacture of the compounds is not that terrifically different.   

So whilst new products come and go and you will see this or that new product or treatment advertised, most cosmetic injectors still choose to use the original anti-wrinkle and HA products.  

There have been some newer products becoming available at a more affordable price in the last few years and where these offer a favourable result and reasonable longevity, we have taken these on board.  

We give you, our client all the information about these options and let you make the choice.   

One new product has just become available in Australia that has our cosmetic injectors excited though.  

This new dermal filler is a robust volumiser and a sister product to our most popular and affordable filler.  

Why are we excited about this new filler? 

This hyaluronic acid which filler hails from Germany is proving to be outstanding at facial volumising, which means adding youthful contours to the face.  

Its ability to retain its projection means more volume that lasts.  

Most of the fillers available look great initially but the results – or projection gained, seem to fade away more quickly than we would like. Still giving improvement, but a shadow of the initial result.  

Of course, the most popular feature of any filler is durability and longevity. The longer the results last and the less often we require treatment, the more we all love the product! 

Another favourite feature is the addition of local anaesthetic to the product, offering a more comfortable treatment.  

This product definitely gets the thumbs up from our cosmetic injectors.  

With its superior projection, we are finding clients are loving the results.