Is Breast Reduction Considered Cosmetic Surgery?

Is Breast Reduction considered cosmetic surgery?

  • No, at this point in time, Medicare considers every breast reduction procedure a Medicare eligible procedure, not cosmetic
  • There is no fine print to exclude any breast reduction surgery.

Is Breast Reduction surgery covered by Medicare?

  • Medicare will cover (a small) part of your surgeon’s fees and anaesthetic fees.
  • Hospital fees are never covered by Medicare.

What is the cost of Breast Reduction

  • The cost of breast reduction will vary from one surgeon to the next.
  • Check your surgeons qualifications, experience and results to determine if you think their fees are relevant
  • All breast reduction surgery is paid for in full before your surgery.
  • After the date of surgery, you can claim the schedule fee rebate on a bilateral breast reduction.
  • Hospital fees may be covered by your private health insurance.
  • If you are uninsured you will have the entire hospital fee payable on the day of your surgery. This may be anywhere from $1600 – $3000
  • You will also have anaesthetic fees, which are partly rebateable by Medicare.

Will my Private Health Fund cover the costs of breast reduction surgery?

  • If you have private health insurance, including hospital cover with no exclusions, your health fund should cover all hospital fees (with the exception of any co-payment arrangement you may have)
  • You may still have out-of-pocket costs for your anaesthetist and your surgeon.
  • Your surgeon’s theatre booking staff will be able to give you exact information on what you will and won’t be covered for with your level of cover.

Can I have a breast reduction in a public hospital?

  • Technically yes. You will be placed on a waiting list as a Category 3
  • All Category 1 and Category 2 clients must be operated on in a timely fashion, or the hospital is penalised financially.
  • Once this has occurred, Category 3 clients are called forward in order of how long they have been on the waitlist.
  • This process often takes many years.

How do I choose a surgeon for my breast reduction surgery?

  • When it comes to surgery on your body, cost should be your last consideration.
  • You are doing this look and feel better- not to risk problems or be unhappy with your result.
  • Do your homework and choose a GOOD surgeon, not a CHEAP surgeon, or become a statistic.
  • We would recommend choosing a surgeon according to his/ her level of skill and the results posted on their website, as opposed to cost.
  • Firstly check that they are a qualified surgeon
  • A qualified surgeon has FRACS behind their name. If bot, they are not a surgeon!
  • Look for a surgeon that has many years’ experience, so they are not practicing on you.
  • Choose a surgeon that does not move around. A good surgeon doesn’t need to find work – it comes to them!
  • Look for a surgeon with lots of before and after photos on their website.
  • All surgeons will have a couple of good results.
  • Choose someone with LOTS of excellent results!

How small a breast size will I be after breast reduction surgery?

  • An experienced surgeon will reduce your breast size proportionately.
  • You are doing this feel and look better.
  • It is not feasible to take al large breasted woman to a very small breast size, you will look silly.
  • Your breast width is something that cannot be changed.
  • The fold under your breast is like a scar and will not change or become smaller. It is permanent.
  • This breast width will be used to judge a size suitable for you.

Will I have to wear a bra after breast reduction?

  • NO! This is probably music to your ears after years of large, wide strapped bras!
  • We recommend soft crop tops if you feel you need to wear something

How long will it take for the divots in my shoulders from bra straps to disappear?

  • It is amazing how quickly all the problems you have endured will disappear!
  • The divots in your shoulders may never go completely, but will start to lessen immediately.
  • Back pain caused by pendulous breasts disappears immediately
  • Rashes under the breast also disappear almost immediately

Is breast reduction surgery painful?

  • No, most women say they took a couple of Panadol after surgery
  • Off course everyone is different, but generally this is not considered a painful procedure.

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