Handy Tips When Considering Cosmetic Injectables
  1. The most important factor is choosing an experienced injector. Ensure they have years of experience and you will be guaranteed a great result. There are so many “clinics” and “spas” and even your local hairdresser employing people with very little experience, let them practice on someone else!
  2. There are many products on the market. Always ask about the type and quality of the product that your clinic has and why they recommend them. Are they backed by clinical research? How long do they last? Your practitioner should discuss the different products in your consultation and why they would recommend one over another. Cheaper products doesn’t always mean better.
  3. Ensure your clinic does a pre-treatment consultation that will include a complete medical history to determine your health before you consider any treatment. This is to determine if the recommended procedures are safe and suitable for you. A considerable amount of time should be spent listening to your concerns, assessing your skin and face and planning a treatment to address your specific needs to achieve the best possible with realistic expectations.
  4. Ask if the procedure has any down time. Some procedures have little or no time where as others for example having the lips done in some cases may involve swelling or bruising for a period of time. Knowing these facts you can plan around having a procedure done.
  5. Ask if you will experience any pain or discomfort during or following the procedure and if so what are available to lessen or alleviate this. Does the product have local anaesthetic in it? Is numbing cream required?
  6. What sort of difference are you going to notice following your procedure? Will it be a natural result? Will it be enough of a difference? Ensure these facts are covered in your pre-treatment consultation.

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