Your Weight And Cosmetic Surgery

If you are going to have an elective cosmetic surgical procedure, your surgeon will ask that you are at, or close to your ideal weight. What is the reason behind this?

Why is my weight so important in regard to cosmetic surgery?

  • The risks of all problems associated with any surgery are increased if you are overweight.
  • Cosmetic surgery is elective – you don’t have to have it.
  • Therefore you have time to get your weight to a healthy range before embarking on surgery.

What is BMI?

BMI stands for Body Mass Index
A measure of your height and weight to gain insight into your healthy weight range

A high BMI increases your risk of:

  • All post-operative complications
  • Healing problems resulting in increased scarring
  • Delayed healing, requiring regular post-operative visits and dressings
  • Fat necrosis, leaving uneven scars and results
  • Anaesthetic problems
  • Less than ideal surgical results because of any of the above.

Is BMI the same for males and females?

  • In some cases yes
  • It is a very good indicator of healthy weight range for females
  • In males body builders, BMI is not used as it gives an inaccurate BMI
  • All other factors need to be taken into consideration with males
  • BMI is a guide only. Speak to your doctor about you weight if you have concerns.

When is BMI Not a reliable indicator of healthy weight range??

  • If you are under 18, pregnant women,
  • If you have higher than normal levels of lean body tissue,
  • Some ethnic backgrounds where people are very tall or very short etc

How can I find out my BMI?

  • Take your height and weight measurements
  • Do a Google search for a BMI calculator
  • Put your details in and the calculator will give you your BMI

What is a normal BMI?

  • Generally up to 24 is considered a healthy weight range
  • Over 30 is considered obese

Can I have cosmetic surgery if I have a high BMI?

  • As cosmetic surgery is elective and not urgent, your surgeon will recommend deferring surgery until you BMI is less than 28.
  • This may vary between surgeons.
  • This restriction is in place to protect you
  • Cosmetic surgery is about improving the way you look, not causing problems.

I have very large breasts and cannot exercise to reduce my weight

  • This is an extremely common problem in the clients we see for breast reduction, and a very real problem.
  • Dr McGovern will discuss your particular situation at consultation.

I have medical problems which increase my weight, but want cosmetic surgery.

  • In a case like this, the reason for cosmetic surgery must be weighed against the risks.
  • If your reason for wanting cosmetic surgery is to help your health – eg reducing large breasts or removing a pendulous tummy, your surgeon will weigh up these risks and discuss them honestly with you.
  • The answer will depend upon the type and severity of your health problems, as well as the reason for the problems.
  • Nothing takes the place of a consultation with your surgeon.

If you have any questions about your weight and cosmetic surgery, call us. Our registered nurses can answer all your questions and help you on your path to weight loss if necessary.