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Mummy Makeovers

Mummy MakeoverBeing a Mum is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences of a woman’s life. However for most women, this comes at a physical price.

Hormonal fluctuations, weight changes and breast feeding take their toll on the post baby body. Only the lucky few get their pre-baby body back. Most women struggle, and no matter how much exercise, they can never repair abdominal muscle walls that have been stretched, or put back that loose sagging skin of their breasts and tummies.

Putting women’s bodies back to their pre-baby condition is what most plastic surgeons are called upon to do most often. Dubbed “Mommy Makeovers” by the US market, we Australians have embraced “Mummy Makeovers”.

So what is a Mummy Makeover? Basically it is any 2 or more procedures performed (generally at the same operation) to repair problems caused through pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding. Most commonly some form of breast surgery is performed at the same time as Abdominoplasty or Mini-abdominoplasty.

The following is a list, and brief description of procedures commonly performed as part of a mummy make-over. For more detailed information on any of these procedures, please refer to this section in the Female Surgery section of this website.
For more detailed and personalised information, please call us on our free-call number 18000 80001. We are happy to spend time with you, answering all of your questions or concerns.

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

Skin laxity, belly button deformities and an apron of loose excess skin and fat are all reasons a mother might benefit from a tummy tuck.

This surgical procedure will tighten abdominal muscles and remove excess skin and fat to create a trimmer waistline. While the uterus is usually about the size of an orange, a baby stretches it against the abdominal wall. As the baby grows and forces the uterus against the inside of the muscle wall of the abdomen, those two vertical muscles (the Rectus Abdominus), the so-called “six pack muscles” get stretched apart and elongate, resulting in a bulge of the upper and lower tummy that cannot be fixed with diet and exercise alone. This is known as divarication. Once that happens, only surgery can bring the muscles back together again.
Abdominoplasty is often combined with liposuction to the hips to create a natural and more pleasing contour. Of course, this depends upon your individual needs and preference.

If your tummy problems relate to the area below your belly button only, then you may require a mini-abdominoplasty only. This procedure has the benefit of having a much shorter scar, and less down time than a full abdominoplasty.

Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

During pregnancy and breastfeeding the breasts grow larger as milk is produced and hormones have an impact on the breast tissue itself. Areolas often increase in size and darken in colour.

Once you have finished breast feeding, the breasts typically decrease in size, often to a size smaller than before the pregnancy. Resulting in stretch marks, sagging breast tissue and enlarged areolas, often with nipples pointing south.
A Mastopexy procedure will remove excess (stretched) skin and lift the breasts up to a natural position once more. An enlarged areola can be made smaller to compliment the new breast size and implants can be placed if an increase in size is desired.

Breast Implants (Augmentation)

If you started with small breasts prior to having children, chances are you have lost breast tissue, and your breast size has decreased considerably.

Some lucky Mums find that their breast position is fine, but they are unhappy with the small size of their breasts following pregnancy and breastfeeding. In this case, simple breast augmentation can be performed using state of the art silicone gel breast implants.

If you find that you have not only lost breast size and volume, but your breast position is lower than it should be (you can hold a pencil under your breast tissue and it will stay there), then you may want a breast lift with breast implants placed at the same time. This can give very satisfactory results and is a commonly performed mummy make-over procedure

Breast Reduction

Conversely women who started with larger breasts before having children, often find that their breasts are much larger after the fact. In this case, they require not just a breast lift, but also a removal of breast tissue to reduce the size of the breast. This procedure is called Breast Reduction.


A not so commonly discussed problem following pregnancy and childbirth is an enlargement of the labia. Once again, if this problem bugs you, surgery can help. Labiaplasty can be performed with any of the above procedures, except breast augmentation (enlargement).

In General

Whatever your individual problem areas are following pregnancy, child birth and breast feeding, our staff can help you to understand the procedures that will best suit you.
We have 5 Registered Nurses, all whom have worked with us for many years, who are happy to answer all of your queries. Free-call us on 18000 80001 on a time that is convenient to you, and our nurses will help you in your first step towards getting back the body you had before you had children!