abdominoplastyMini-abdominoplasty or  mini- tummy tuck – what does this mean, how does it differ from a full abdominoplasty or tummy tuck and  who is suitable for a mini-abdominoplasty? To answer these questions – read on…

If you are concerned by excess skin on your lower tummy and a “pot belly” or protuberance of the lower abdomen only, then you may not need a full abdominoplasty or tummy tuck. Instead you may require only a mini-abdominoplasty.

What is the difference between a Mini-Abdominoplasty and Abdominoplasty?

Mini- abdominoplasty:
–  targets the lower abdomen only (below the belly button)
–  does not  reposition  the navel or belly button
–  the scar is much shorter.

– treats problems of the entire abdomen – above and below the belly button
– the belly button (navel / umbilicus) is repositioned in abdominoplasty.
– the scar runs from one hip to the other, skimming the top of the pubic hair

Dr McGovern will examine you at your initial consultation and determine if the mini-abdominoplasty or full abdominoplasty will give you the best result. If your problem does extend to the upper abdomen, mini-abdominoplasty will not give you the result you may desire.

Like abdominoplasty, the best candidates for mini-abdominoplasty are women who are fit and healthy, with a normal BMI (body mass index), who have finished having children and want to tighten up their loose tummy. We can perform mini-abdominoplasty on women who have never had children, but the demand for this is less common.