What is an Apronectomy?

  • Apronectomy is the removal of a wedge of fat and skin from the lower abdomen.
  • It IS NOT a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty.
  • It is used mostly for the elderly or those with health problems that require an abdominoplasty, but their health is not up to such a big procedure.
  • Typically used for a person that has an overhanging apron who wants or needs a simple procedure to remedy the problem.
  • May also be chosen for a person that has not had children and their abdominal wall is strong, but their skin elasticity is not suitable for liposuction.

What is the difference between an Apronectomy and an Abdominoplasty?

  • Apronectomy is a simple removal for the wedge of overhanging fat and skin.
  • Abdominoplasty is a more complex operation addresses a lax muscle wall and the umbilicus (belly button) is repositioned.
  • Abdominoplasty addresses the entre abdomen, whilst Apronectomy addresses just the overhanging tissue.
  • They are VERY different procedures
  • You cannot get the same result from an Apronectomy as you would get from an abdominoplasty.
  • Apronectomy just takes away the hanging apron
  • If you want a flat tummy, you will need to look at abdominoplasty.

Why would I choose Apronectomy over a full Abdominoplasty?

  • If you are bothered by the problems associated with the overhanging abdominal apron (rubbing and redness, pain and swelling of the tissues, recurrent skin infections), but you are not concerned by the aesthetic appearance of you abdomen.
  • If finances preclude you from a full abdominoplasty, but you are bothered by the problems of your abdominal apron.
  • If your health precludes you from the long anaesthetic associated with an Abdominoplasty
  • If you do not need surgery to the muscle wall of the abdomen
  • If you are elderly

Do I need to lose weight before an Apronectomy?

  • To be at, or close to your ideal weight is always aimed for when embarking on any surgery.
  • You should be as close to your ideal weight as you can possibly get.
  • Many clients with this problem cannot exercise effectively because of the overhanging abdominal apron and so your surgeon will tend to be more open to operating on clients with a higher than desired BMI.
  • Dr McGovern will discuss your individual case with you at consultation.

Is Apronectomy claimable through Medicare and Private Health Insurance?

  • Medicare changed their ruling on Abdominoplasty and Apronectomy many years ago.
  • Now only men and women who have a problem as a direct result of massive weight loss (MWL) are eligible
  • The following are the Medicare guidelines for Medicare eligibility:
    Lipectomy, wedge excision of abdominal apron that is a direct consequence of significant weight loss, not being a service associated with a service to which item 30168, 30171, 30172, 30176, 30177, 30179, 45530, 45564 or 45565 applies, if:
    (a) there is intertrigo or another skin condition that risks loss of skin integrity and has failed 3 months of conventional (or non-surgical) treatment.
    (b) the abdominal apron interferes with the activities of daily living; and
    (c) the weight has been stable for at least 6 months following significant weight loss prior to the lipectomy
    If you fit this strict criteria, you can claim some of the costs of Apronectomy and your private health fund may help (depending on your level of cover and exclusions) .

Do I need to stay in hospital overnight after Apronectomy?

  • In most cases, no. We can do this as a day procedure.
  • If you are very overweight, or have certain health problems, your surgeon may recommend an overnight stay.

What sort of anaesthetic is required for Apronectomy?

  • We would usually recommend a general anaesthetic.
  • As this is often performed on people with serious health problems, your surgeon may ask that you make an appointment with your anaesthetist prior to surgery. They may recommend an epidural or spinal anaesthetic.

Where does Dr McGovern perform Apronectomy?

  • If you are to be a day procedure, we will recommend the Sunshine Coast Day Surgery.
  • If you require an overnight stay, we will recommend Buderim private Hospital.

Is Apronectomy painful?

  • Generally no.
  • As we are not dealing with any muscle, most people say they took a couple of Panadol.

If you would like more information on Apronectomy, feel free to call our very knowledgeable staff.