Most women have some degree of breast asymmetry, but it generally less than one cup size. Dr McGovern performs an enormous volume of asymmetric breast augmentations – where he places a slightly different implant on each side. This may be due to a different breast volume in each breast, or more commonly,  to even up breast asymmetry caused by scoliosis.

We do so much asymmetric breast augmentation surgery that we have created a photo gallery just for this. Most surgeons ignore the asymmetry and say that you have always had this, so you’re used to it! Dr McGovern however is very particular and will always try to correct asymmetry when it presents, or to distract the eye from asymmetries that cannot be “fixed”.

Asymmetry of More Than One Cup Size

If you suffer from a large asymmetry of your breasts, you are definitely not alone! We see lots of young girls’ right through to older women, who have suffered quietly with this secret for years as they are too self conscious to discuss this problem. Often times the asymmetry is so great that one breast will be an A Cup or a B Cup size and the other breast a D Cup size.

So how do we treat severe asymmetry? The first step is to ask yourself which side you like better? Do you like the larger or the smaller side? Whichever you decide, we will aim to increase or decrease the other breast to match this size. In almost every case both breasts require surgery. Surgery may consist of placing a breast implant on one side and a breast lift or reduction on the other. Where both breasts are large and you want the size reduced, we will do a breast lift on one side and a reduction on the other to match.

It is important to realise that we will never achieve absolute symmetry. This simply is not a human trait and can never be achieved. No one on the planet is completely symmetrical! Dr McGovern will aim at getting your breasts to look as symmetrical as possible.

All of the procedures used to improve breast asymmetry are discussed in detail on this website. If you would like to discuss your particular problem with us, take advantage of the free consultation with our nurses. They are very experienced at breast asymmetry and the procedures used to improve this.