Breasts come in all shapes and sizes, and very few women are completely symmetrical. In fact, asymmetric breasts are very common.

Some breasts are extremely asymmetric and can vary in size by many cup sizes.

Dr. McGovern does a LOT of corrective surgery for asymmetric breasts.

What surgery is performed for the correction of breasts?

Any combination of the following:

The combinations of surgery for breast augmentation are:

Smaller Breast Larger Breast
Augmentation Lift (Mastopexy)
Augmentation Reduction
Augmentation – Larger Fat Implant Augmentation – Smaller Fat Transfer
Augmentation Augmentation and Lift
Lift Reduction
Small Reduction Large Reduction

How does Dr. McGovern decide which procedures you require to create breast symmetry?

  • This will depend on the size that you would ultimately like to be and the size of each breast.
  • At your consultation with Dr. McGovern, you will have the opportunity to explain what you would like to achieve.

Is it possible to have just one breast operated on to match the other?

  • If you are young and have one breast that you really like and is an ideal size and shape, Dr. McGovern will choose a procedure to help match the ideal breast.
  • Most women find that they dislike or would like to improve both breasts and therefore a bilateral procedure is performed.

Can surgery for asymmetric breasts be performed on a minor (under 18 years of age)?

This may seem like an odd question, but for young girls that have a significant difference in breast size (2 or more cup sizes), this can be very difficult to live with.

  • If your asymmetry is severe and this is affecting your emotional wellbeing, absolutely.
  • Dr. McGovern would have to be certain that your breasts have stopped growing before agreeing to perform surgery.
  • You will have to wait 3 months from the time you see Dr. McGovern at consultation. This is a government implemented “cooling off period” to ensure you have thought seriously bout surgery and really want to proceed.
  • You will also have to discuss your problems with your GP or a psychologist or psychiatrist in the meantime.

Is surgery for breast asymmetry rebateable?

  • Yes, wherever there is more than 10% asymmetry, Medicare will cover some of the costs of your surgery.
  • Where Medicare covers, private health insurance should also contribute towards the cost of your surgery, depending on your level of cover.

What type of anaesthetic is required for asymmetric breast surgery?

Regardless of the type of procedures you require, you will require a general anaesthetic.

Do I need to go to hospital for asymmetric breast surgery?

  • This will be performed in a dedicated operating theatre in a hospital or day surgery.
  • Dr. McGovern performs these procedures as a day case at the Sunshine Coast Day Surgery
  • If you are insured and your health is not ideal, he may suggest an overnight stay. In this case, the surgery would be performed at the Buderim Private Hospital

It must be noted that surgery for the correction of asymmetric breasts will give you great improvement, but it is impossible to make your breasts exactly the same.