photo-rejuvenationIn the last 15 years the number of cosmetic treatments available has skyrocketed! Gone are the days where the only modality we had at our disposal was Collagen injections. Today we have an enormous number of different cosmetic treatments to choose from to enhance our appearance. Every magazine that you pick up is jammed full of advertisements for this treatments or that treatment – IPL , laser. Thermage, Heliotherm, coolsculpting, lipsonix, the list is endless.

So what works and what doesn’t, and how would you know? Dr McGovern and the team at Vie only take on board procedures and products that have a known track record to deliver. Any product or procedure that has just emerged should be avoided at all costs – as you – yes you- are the guinea pig.

How many products or procedures have you heard touted as the latest and greatest, only for them to disappear completely within a year or so? The reason being that

a) they just didn’t work or
b) the problems associated outweighed the benefits

This website outlines the many treatments that we are happy to perform knowing that they give maximal benefit with minimal problems associated. We take the guess work out of the equation and give you results!

VISIA Skin Analysis

VISIA Skin AnalysisWhat is VISIA skin and complexion analysis ?

VISIA skin and complexion analysis is a computer imaging programme that analyses photographs of your facial skin.

Who is suitable for a Visia Skin Analysis

  • All skin types can benefit from this treatment

How does Visia Skin Analysis work ?

  • The Visia uses multi-spectral imaging to reveal damage and signs of ageing on, and beneath the surface of the skin, that is not visible to the human eye.
  • VISIA’s computer imaging enables our dermal therapists to evaluate the health and appearance of your skin based on six criteria that affect your complexion:
    – wrinkles
  • spots
  • pores
  • evenness (skin tone colour variation)
  • porphyrins (evidence of bacteria in your pores)
  • UV spots caused by overexposure to the sun.
  • This is offered by Vie Institute as an addition to a skin consultation by one of our dermal therapists.
  • The goal of our therapists is to provide the most comprehensive VISIA skin and complexion analysis the Sunshine Coast has to offer. VISIA gives you the opportunity to detect – and tackle – some of the aesthetic skin ageing symptoms before they become apparent.

What are the results of the VISIA skin and complexion analysis?

  • During the VISIA skin and complexion analysis clients will have their skin compared to that of others of the same age and ethnicity.
  • This way our skin specialists can gain additional insight about your skin and complexion results and create a home plan to repair this damage.
  • At the end of the evaluation, you will walk away with a copy of your customised VISIA report, which includes a detailed description of your skin analysis, professional recommendations for treatment and skin care options.

VISIA Skin Analysis
How long does the VISIA skin analysis take?

  • Only 30 minutes to analyse your skin and give you printed results to take home.
  • Vie Institute also keeps your images on file so that we have a baseline and can compare results as we proceed with medical grade products and treatments.

Book your Visia Skin Analysis today and start on the road to better looking skin.

Preparing for your WeddingYour wedding day – this is your day to shine and you want to be beautiful! To look your glowing best, it is important to plan ahead, just as you have for the rest of your wedding. To make your life easy, we will create a specially tailored 3, 6 or 12 month plan after discussing your individual needs.

Some simple non-surgical treatments and take home skin care are all that will be necessary to have you absolutely glowing! And think about others in your wedding party who will want to look awesome for the day – why not recommend your future husband and your Mum, even your bridesmaids!

Your skin

Our dermal therapists will whip your skin into shape with the help of our specialised take – home medical grade skin products. If your skin is a little more challenged than most, or if you suffer with redness or pigmentation, they will book a series of medical grade skin peels.

Problems of redness and flushing can be treated with Laser Genesis which also improves skin tone and texture.

For those with sun damaged skin, a series of CIT or skin needling will really liven up dull skin.

We understand that you are busy throughout this time, so we happily work around your schedule.

The earlier you start preparing your skin, the better. We would recommend at least 3 months prior to your wedding for optimal results.

Lines and wrinkles

Dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle treatments are di rigeur prior to your wedding. No one wants wrinkles in their wedding photos!

If you have never tried anti-wrinkle injections), then a trial run four months before your wedding will show you just how fabulous you can look without those lines. You can then decide if you like the look, and if so, you can plan to have a second treatment two weeks before your wedding.

The product takes about two weeks to work and to totally smooth out lines. It then last for three months and slowly wears off.

The most popular pre-wedding treatment is lip enhancement using dermal fillers. This procedure is quick and simple, but can cause some bruising, so we would again recommend having this performed about three weeks prior to your wedding. Fillers can also be used to remove dark circles under the eye area and to give a more youthful shape to the cheek area.

We have many very happy brides extolling the work-up we have done for their wedding, and ecstatically happy with just how much more beautiful they looked for their wedding day.

You too will enjoy your special day so much more knowing that you look stunning, and you will love to look over your wedding photos for years to come.

Call us for a consultation and leave the work to us….

Medical Grade Skin Peels/ Treatments Price
Acne Solution Treatment $69.00
Benefit Peel $165.00
Blueberry Lactic Peel $185.00
Blueberry Smoothie Peel $90.00
Blueberry Timeless Peel $300.00
Décolletage Peel (with face) $80.00
Décolletage Peel Timeless $260.00
Deep Sea Peel – Décolletage $300.00
Deep Sea Peel- Face & Décolletage $500.00
Deep Sea peel – Lower leg $450.00
Deep Sea Peel $300.00
Deep Sea Peel – small area $80.00
Detox Peel $250.00
Enzyme/Hydrating Treatment after Skin Needling $120.00
Hand Peel (with face) $50.00
Hand Peel $80.00
Hydrating Facial $100.00
Lactic Peel $165.00
Maintenance Peel $165.00
Peptide Mask in addition to peel $10.00
Medi-facial $170.00
PCA Oxygenating Treatment $160.00
PCA Rejuvenating O2 Treatment including a layer of Jessner’s Solution $190.00
PCA Skin Brightening Treatment $155.00
Pigment Punch Peel $190.00
Problem Peel $190.00
Small Area Lactic Peel $80.00
Timeless Peel $290.00
Ultra Peptide Hydration Treatment $190.00


Vascular Laser Price
Laser Genesis Rejuvenating Treatment – Décolletage $250.00
Laser Genesis rejuvenating Treatment – Full Face $250.00
Hollywood Facial (Laser Genesis and Lactic Peel) $280.00
Laser Genesis Rejuvenating Treatment -Large $200.00
Laser Genesis Rejuvenating Treatment – Medium $175.00
Laser Genesis Rejuvenating Treatment -Small $150.00
Skin Revival Treatment $280.00
Laser Vein Treatment – Large $150.00
Laser Vein Treatment – Medium $125.00
Laser Vein Treatment – Small $80.00


Skin Needling Price
Full Face and Neck $300.00
Full Face $250.00
Half Face $125.00


Epi –Blading (Dermaplaning) Price
Skin Radiance Treatment – Epi-blading and Pomegranate Peel $190.00
Ultra-Skin Radiance Treatment – Epi-blading, Lactic Peel and Peptide mask $220.00
Epi- blading as an add on to any treatment $100.00


Healite LED Phototherapy Treatments Price
Acne Solutions Blue Light LED Treatment $99.00
Optimal Results Photo-rejuvenation Treatment $69.00
Healite LED Phototherapy Treatments – Series  
Series of 3 treatments – pre/post-surgery – Vie Institute clients only $100.00
Series of 3 treatments – pre/post-surgery Non Vie client . Buy 3 get 1 free $207.00
Photo-rejuvenation Series – 2 treatments $100.00
Photo-rejuvenation Series – 2 treatments $160.00
Photo-rejuvenation Series – 6 treatments $180.00
Gift Certificates Available for Men and Women!

Everyone wants to look their best, so what better gift than a Vie Institute Gift Certificate

We have a range of vouchers suitable for men and women. You just choose the amount you would like to spend, give us a call and we can send these packaged up for you. Gift-giving has never been so simple!

Call us on our free-call number 18000 80001, or email us and we’ll send a beautiful certificate to you, or directly to the recipient.

NB Gift certificates are available for non-surgical procedures only. Government regulations prevent surgery from being “gifted” .