laser-hair-removalLaser Hair Removal

Dealing with unwanted body hair has long been a tedious, deeply frustrating and often painful process. Shaving, plucking and bleaching are all time-consuming and temporary solution: and i you wax, you have the added inconvience of ongoing costs. If you would like to remove unwanted hair quickly and efficiently then the Lightsheer diode laser is the gold standard. At Vie institute we have been utilising this technology since 1999 ! If you are tired of hair removal problems, then call us and join the many thousands of happy and hair free Vie Institute clients.

photo-rejuvenationPhoto Rejuvenation

The latest buzzword in the world of non-surgical cosmetic treatments is light therapy – also know as flash light therapy, intense light therapy, intense pulsed light (IPL), controlled pulsed light (CPL), photo-facials etc, The name simply reflects the brand of the machine used. These treatments use extremely bright lights shone directly onto the skin at varying depths to treat a multitude of problems.