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Light Therapy Treatments

photo-rejuvenationThe latest buzzword in the world of non-surgical cosmetic treatments is light therapy – also know as flash light therapy, intense light therapy, intense pulsed light (IPL), controlled pulsed light (CPL), photo-facials etc, The name simply reflects the brand of the machine used. These treatments use extremely bright lights shone directly onto the skin at varying depths to treat a multitude of problems.

Light Therapy has been shown to effectively treat pigmented spots and freckles. It can also be used to treat Rosacea and helps to reduce and refine large pores as well as to soften the skin and help to reverse the signs of ageing and sun damage. Sound like a magic wand ?

No single treatment can treat all of these problems at once, and light therapy is no different. Each of these problems has to be targeted separately and repeatedly. Typically six and maybe up to ten treatments are necessary to effectively treat any of the above problems. The upside though is that this treatment is non invasive, unlike laser resurfacing or the serious (but very effective) chemical peels like TCA.

Light therapy has been touted as being able to treat broken capillaries and other vascular lesions, as well as hair removal, but lasers designed specifically for these tasks are much more efficient and effective at vein and hair removal.

As with everything we do, we have researched light therapy treatments thoroughly before deciding to purchase a machine. Early light therapy machines caused problems of burning and subsequent scarring. Second generation machines were developed to try to avoid problems of burning, but still used capacitors to generate the energy required to produce the very bright lights, so the potential was still there to burn the skin.

Third generation machines were developed shortly after second generation machines. This technology uses computers to control exactly the amount of energy delivered, which effectively eliminates the problem of burning caused by machines. With the advent of this safe technology, we have included light therapy treatments into our armamentarium.

Our highly trained registered nurses can discuss with you how light therapy can help to improve your skin problems. We employ only registered nurses to perform these treatments. These nurses are all fully qualified and licensed laser technicians, so they are experts in the field of all types of light therapy and laser treatments, ensuring the safest and most effective treatments for you.

The light therapy industry has no regulations of use (unlike lasers), as light bulbs, after all are light. However, light therapy treatments can cause permanent damage to the skin if not used correctly. Many people performing light therapy treatments have no qualifications in this field. Insist on someone who holds a current licence under the Radiation Safety Act.

For more detailed information on light therapy treatments please call to make an appointment with one of our highly trained and qualified nurses. Consultations are free of charge and obligation.

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