Dermal fillers for Females

We are all very familiar these days with dermal fillers and how they can be used to keep us looking fresh and young. These days, however, dermal fillers are being used for far more than just filling facial lines.

So how have dermal fillers and their use changed over the years? 

Initially, when dermal fillers were introduced, they were used to soften facial lines, folds and to enhance lip volume.

General ageing, skin damage from years of sun exposure, genetics and even the way we sleep can be factored into why we develop lines and folds on our face.

These days’ dermal fillers are also used to:

  • restore volume to cheeks
  • fill dark hollows under the eyes
  • to shape the face- whether the cheek, the temple of the jaw-line
  • help scars to be less obvious by making them more shallow
  • disguise minor disfigurements of the nose.
  • lift the face to give it a more youthful appearance. This of course can only give minimal improvement. Any larger amount of lift requires facelift surgery.
  • Along with Anti-wrinkle treatments, they are of the most popular cosmetic procedures available for women

What is Dermal filler?

  • Dermal fillers are in the form of a clear gel that is injected into our tissues. 
  • The gel filler is made of a substance found naturally within your body, so it is safe and effective at adding volume and rejuvenating your appearance.
  • This substance is found in every living thing on the planet that is moist and it is formulation is exactly the same regardless of where it is found.
  • This means that you cannot have any allergies or adverse reactions to injections of these dermal fillers.
  • There are permanent dermal fillers available, but we will never use them as they have all been found to cause nasty problems in the long term. Be very careful with the fillers that you agree to be treated with.
  • The fillers that we use are naturally absorbed by the body in time and can cause no harm.
  • The Australian government TGA prevents us from naming the different types of dermal fillers and even the substance they are made of!
  • We offer a free of charge, 45-minute consultation with our nurses where they will discuss your concerns and then explain the different fillers that may be suitable for your particular body, age, skin type and area of concern.
  • At Vie Institute we take great care in researching all products before we offer them to our clients.
  • All products or procedures that we recommend must give honestly good results, must be long lasting, must look natural and have minimal problems associated.

What are the benefits of having a Dermal filler?

  • Dermal filler injections provide an easy way to reduce the appearance of lines, smooth the skin and give a more youthful appearance by adding lost volume.
  • The result of a single treatment can be seen instantly and there is very little downtime involved.
  • Dermal filler injections can give a natural-looking result that does not affect facial expression.
  • They are relatively inexpensive and long-lasting

 Are dermal fillers permanent?

  • Some dermal fillers are permanent, but we will never recommend these as all permanent fillers have been found to have a high incidence of problems.
  • The dermal fillers that we recommend and use will be naturally metabolised by your body.

How long will my results last after treatment with dermal fillers

Dermal fillers used at Vie Institute can last from 6months to 2 years depending on:

  • the type of filler that is used
  • the area that is injected.
  • your age
  • your generic background
  • your skin quality
  • your lifestyle – smoking and drinking can reduce the life span of fillers
  • the body injected, as muscles will wear out a dermal filler faster than areas with no muscle movement.
  • Most importantly- your metabolism.
  • If you are the person that metabolises everything quickly, which in most circumstances is awesome (you can eat what you want!), when it comes to your fillers, you will metabolise these more quickly than most as well.

Will the Dermal Filler treatment hurt?

  • The answer comes down to who you chose to do your treatment.
  • Experience is everything, but just as important is – to choose a nurse, not a doctor.
  • This is a huge generalisation, but doctors’ hourly rate is way more expensive than a registered nurse and they have to get more clients through the door to make it worth their while to be injecting.
  • We give our nurses 45 minutes for every dermal filler treatment and all new clients must have a consultation first.
  • We do not rush you and therefore the nurses can take their time to ensure your experience is perfect and pain-free.
  • These days all the dermal fillers we stock have a local anaesthetic in their formulation.
  • A topical anaesthetic cream may be applied to the area to be treated, or for sensitive areas such as the lips, a local anaesthetic may be injected.

Will I be suitable for a Dermal Filler treatment?

  • Facial rejuvenation is very much individualised. Your 45minute consultation with our nurses before you embark on treatment with dermal fillers will give us all the information to know what you want to achieve, how much money you want to spend and explain the products that will be best suited to your individual circumstance.
  • Not all concerns can be addressed with dermal fillers, some will require treatment with anti-wrinkle injections and others may require surgery. Our nurses will explain all of these options.
  • If your skin is severely sun-damaged, you may require some intensive skin treatments with our dermal therapist to repair your skin to a level that it will” hold” the dermal fillers for longer. Severely sun-damaged skin types find that dermal filler just doesn’t last, but we can help that!
  • If you suffer from an auto-immune disease, are allergic to the local anaesthetic or are pregnant – you may not be a suitable candidate.
  • If you have permanent fillers in the area you would like treated, we cannot inject other products over the top as problems can arise.
  • If you have a permanent filler in situ, we will discuss your options with you but sometimes refrain from injecting the area, as we do not want to cause problems.

Will my dermal filler be noticeable to anyone else?

  • We aim to make you look naturally refreshed, without looking like you have any treatment at all.
  • Less is best initially. We will always start with small amounts and these can be built upon as you become used to the product and the look and until you reach the look you want.
  • If you have more than one area of concern it may be possible to do this all at once or you may plan to do this over a longer period of time.
  • Initially, most treatments do attract a degree of swelling and, as with any needle you have anywhere there is a risk of a bruise. Generally, both of these side effects tend to be minimal.
  • The lips tend to swell more than other parts of the face. The swelling can last a couple of days. If you have not had fillers on your lips before, we suggest you have your first treatment when you have no social engagements for a few days.
  • We do not over-do fillers and will say “No” to people asking for that look.
  • We pride ourselves on natural results.