Facial RejuvenationWe are very fortunate to live in the 21st century! Today we have a plethora of non-surgical modalities that we can choose from to keep us looking youthful and fresh. In fact many non-surgical treatments actually prevent the signs of aging from occurring for many years later than they would have.

Anti-wrinkle injections have been around for more than 20 years now, but with the enormous popularity of these products and loads of experience, we have learnt that these treatments can not only get rid of the lines you have currently, but prevent lines from occurring in the first place!

But it’s not just wrinkles that make us look old or sad. The loss of volume in the face is the main contributing factor! The use of dermal fillers can help to bring back the youthful contours to your face, or add volume to an area that you were just genetically lacking in.

The secret to facial rejuvenation is looking at your entire face and how it is starting to age. Bringing along a photograph of yourself when you were young is a great way for us to know what we are trying to recreate!

Our cosmetic nurse injectors are facial rejuvenation specialists. They have spent years helping our clients to stave of the signs of ageing that we all dislike, and to enhance features that were lacking in the first place.
At your consultation they will use your photograph to show where problems are starting and explain what products we can use and how they can be used to prevent aging and gently give back the fullness and plumpness of your youth.

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