• If you suffer with small, superficial veins on the face or legs, treatment with our Cutera Cool Glide ND Yag laser is the gold standard.
  • Larger vessels are best treated by injection or surgical removal, which we choose not to do as results vary and the procedure can be very painful.
  • We offer a complimentary consultation with our Laser Technicians who will advise you as to your best course of action.
  • The following questions should help you to understand the treatment of unwanted veins / vessels more clearly.


What is the difference between a capillary and a vein?

These are both vessels that carry blood to and from the heart.
Capillaries are generally fine broken veins on the surface of the skin.
These can be found on the face or the legs most commonly

What causes broken capillaries?

Broken capillaries can be caused as a result of: too much sun, hot weather, cold weather, alcohol intake, exercise, genetics, age,Rosacea, the list goes on… The reason to understand the cause of the veins, is that if you continue to be exposed to the cause, after your treatment, the veins will very likely return.

How does a vascular laser get rid of veins?

Lasers heat destroy their target. The target in this case is the red blood cell, which absorbs the laser light and heats ups to a degree that coagulates the vessel or vein. The reason we can only treat small vessels like spider veins and angiomas is that heating larger vessels to the degree that would coagulate the vessel, would result in scarring of the overlying skin.

Are my veins suitable for treatment with a vascular laser?

We offer a complimentary consulation with our Laser Technicians to assess your problem area. They will be honest with you. If they think the vessels are too large for laser treatment, they will refer you to another practitioner for alternate treatment.

Is vein removal painful?

The larger the vessel, the more energy will be absorbed and the more heat you will feel. Some describe the feeling as a rubber band flicking the skin. Larger vessels do hurt, but it is quick..

What can I expect after vasular laser treatment?

The coagulated vessels go dark immediately. If treating larger areas, this can look like a bruise. The body slowly breaks down the destroyed vessel and it will dissappear. This can take as long as two weeks. There is no down-time however and you can return to yor normal activities immediately. It is  recommended not to do any strenuous excersice for at least 24 hours.

Which is better- laser vein removal or injecting veins (sclerotherpay)?

  • Sclerotherpay or injecting veins with a solution was the only way to remove unwanted smaller veins  before the advent of lasers.
  • Sclerotherapy is very painful and requires the wearing of compression garnents after treatment, which most people find inconvenient

I have large leg veins, can these be treated with a laser?

Only smaller vessels can be treated with lasers. Larger vessels require vein removal surgery,preferably performed by a vascular surgeon.

Can any laser treat veins ?

No is the short answer, and many people incorrectly call IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatments, laser treatments.
You must research and make sure you are treated with an NDYag laser for vein removal.
We use the Cutera CoolGlide Laser, the godl standard for vein removal.

Will my veins return after treatment with a laser?

Veins are very good at healing (that is what they are menat to do!). So there is a good chance that your veins will come back if you keep doinmg whatever it was the caused the veins in the first place.
What do I do if my veins come back after laser treatment?
If veins return in the area treated, it is not that the treatment didn’t work, it is just that the larger vessel that the vein stemmed from, has created a new vein to take

How will I know if Laser treatment has been successful?

Over a period of 1 to 2 weeks the dark colour will disappear as the coagulated blood is absorbed by your body.
You should see no left-over vein or vessel.
Your tretament has been successful.