skin-careEveryone wants fine, clear, youthful skin. Your skin is not only a direct reflection of your health, good skin portrays health, wealth and success. We trust and like people with good skin. Bad skin on the other hand gives the opposite impression. 

    You were born with good skin and even though you may have neglected your skin over the years, or been unlucky and afflicted with skin disorders through disease processes, we have the skills and tools to reverse that damage and have your skin looking healthy and youthful again. 

    When was the last time someone commented on how good your skin looked? Never? We can change this!

    Call us today for a consultation with one of our very experienced Dermal Therapists and be on the road to beautiful skin today!

    What is medical grade skin care?

    • The Australian Government regulates all products sold.
    • Medical grade skin products have active ingredients that work in the dermis – the living layer of your skin.
    • These products can actually produce changes in the skin
    • Only doctors and trained dermal therapists can use and prescribe medical grade products
    • Products purchased over the counter – at beauty salons and stores cannot contain these active ingredients. 
    • Medical grade products in the hands of a trained therapist will create changes in your skin – reversing sun damage and its many associated problems (pigmentation, ageing, lines etc)

    Do I need to use Medical Grade Skin Care?

    • Every person in Australia has some level of sun damage, so the answer is – YES!
    • You are spending money on your skin care anyway, so it may as well be on products that will really make a difference to your skin. 
    • Medical grade skin products are often cheaper than OTC (over the counter) products with fancy, but expensive packaging and marketing campaigns (most of the products found in DJ’s and Myers)
    • Why wouldn’t you want your skin to look as good as it possible can.
    • Look at the staff at Vie Institute. All have used medical grade skin products for many years and most are over 50 – none of them look it! Look at not just their faces, but the neck and decolletage as well.

    Is my skin suitable for Medical Grade Skin Care?

    • We have access to the best medical grade skin ranges available in Australia.
    • We can therefore cherry pick the best products for every skin type, problem and condition.
    • Even if your skin is very sensitive, we have products that you can use and that will help to strengthen your skin. 

    Will medical grade skincare help with my oily skin?

    • Absolutely! We have a number of products that will reduce your oil production and help with breakout and enlarged pores.
    • We will also discuss things like your diet as this often is directly related to problems of oily skin
    • Our experience staff will look at you as a whole and treat you holistically.
    • We are results driven, which means we WILL get you results

    How long will I have to be on medical grade skin care?

    • Depending on your skin concern will depend on what products you require and how long you will need to use these
    • For anti-ageing and general skin health and looks, the longer you are on the skin care, the better your skin will look.
    • Once you start on the products and start to see changes, and have everyone commenting on your skin – you won’t want to give them up!

    Is medical grade skin care expensive?

    • There is something to fit everyone’s budget, surprisingly it can be very affordable, and less than some of the bigger cosmeceutical brand names.
    • We can personalize your skin routine to suit your budget.

     How long will my medical grade skin care last?

    • There are a lot of variables in how long your product will last,
    • It will depend on how often you are applying your product, the size of the product and the area your product is going.
    • When speaking with your Dermal Therapist you will be able to discuss the estimated length of how long your product will last.
    • This will also help you to decide if it is something that is able to be budgeted for.

    What Medical Grade Skin Care brands do you stock?

    • We are the proud stockists of 9 different brands of medical grade skin care lines. We have cherry picked the very best products, from the very best available ranges in Australia

    We stock:

    • Aspect Dr
    • Aspect Gold
    • Colorscience
    • Cosmedix
    • Cosmedix elite
    • PCA Skin
    • Rejuvaphyl
    • Skin Better Science
    • Societe

    What experience do your skin therapists have?

    Our Dermal Aestheticians both hold :
    – Diploma of Beauty Therapy  
    – Radiation laser license with certificates in hair removal, superficial capillary reduction skin rejuvenation including superficial pigmentation adjustment.

    The peak body in Medical Grade Dermal Peel training is the AST Training Academy.

    Both Michelle and Jade have completed training in all skin peels and products and update their training each year and with all new products introduced.

    With years of experience, our girls are often training the trainers in new techniques and the layering of different peels and products!

    No matter what your skin concerns, out experienced Dermal Therapist Michelle is here help you. Call us today on 54792922 for an appointment