Introducing LightSheer Duet


Male Laser Hair Removal

Dealing with unwanted body hair, whether on your chest, back, neck or anywhere really, has long been a tedious and often painful process. Pain being the operative word here, but that doesn’t have to be the case. If you would like to remove unwanted hair quickly, efficiently and relatively painlessly, then the Lightsheer Duet Diode Laser is the gold standard.

What areas can be treated with laser hair removal?

Most areas of the body can be treated with laser hair removal, depending on hair pigment and the colour of your skin

  • Sideburns
  • Neck where you know you will never shave
  • Snail trail
  • Brazilian (whole lot front to back)
  • Perianal (Bottom)
  • Full Legs
  • Half Legs
  • Feet & Toes
  • Arms
  • Nostril rims if you have a wide opening
  • Full face, but we would want to discuss this in detail with you, as you will never be able to grow a beard again.

What is the most common male hair removal treatment we perform? Chest, Back and Arms (bet you thought it would be B,S&C J )

What sort of guys get laser hair removal?

We have a broad range of males requesting laser hair removal, from young to mature aged gents. From body builders to cyclists and everyone in between.


Why should I choose laser hair removal?

  • Waxing and shaving works but you are continually battling with regrowth (which is not a good look guys!) and let’s face it, waxing is painful!
  • Laser hair removal seems expensive initially, but if you work out what it costs you to get waxed, you’ll find it is a less expensive option.

How does laser hair removal work?

  • The laser targets and heats the melanin in the base of the hair follicles, that’s the colour.
  • As male hair is generally thick, this means more melanin in the hair and so lasers work a treat at destroying these hairs.
  • If your hair is grey, white or red though, there is either not enough melanin, or it is the wrong type of melanin and the laser won’t work. Hence the reason to get those unwanted hairs removed permanently before they go grey.
  • Other tissues do not absorb this wavelength of light, and so are not affected.
  • Studies show that 40% – 60% of hair follicles are permanently destroyed after two treatments.

What’s the difference between laser and IPL hair removal?

  • Lasers are a collimated beam of light that target one specific “Chromophore” or target and generally heat destroy this, they do not weaken once they leave the source and therefore are very efficient and effective.
  • IPL is convergent light, so it gets weaker as it leaves its source and it relies on targeting a bit of everything.
  • It’s not rocket science to see that IPL may work – eventually! Choose a laser every time for hair removal

Which is the best laser for hair removal?

  • Lumenis’ LightSheer diode laser is the industry’s ‘Gold Standard’ and is in a class of its own.  Its superior safety and effectiveness have been proven in extensive clinical trials and long-term clinical practice.  
  • It delivers a high fluence (strength), but has 2 separate safety features to protect your skin.
  • Most lasers have no safety features and rely on a gel to protect you.
  • Because of its safety features we can treat most skin types, including dark skins

How many laser hair removal treatments will I need?

  • Typically 3 to 6 treatments, but it depends on where on the body we are treating. Hair in the back is set deeper in the dermis (your skin) and requires more treatments.
  • You may need a series of “touch ups” after you initial major hair loss. These are quick and inexpensive and will just tidy up the remaining pesky hairs.




Am I a suitable candidate for laser?

  • The best candidate has fair ski and dark hair, but the Lightsheer Duet diode laser can treat almost everyone.
  • It does not treat white, grey, blonde or red hair though

Is laser hair removal painful?

  • Okay, this should have been the first question. Most lasers ARE painful as they heat destroy the hair follicle that is if they are strong enough to actually work!
  • The LightSheer Duet diode laser has 2 head sizes to choose from. The larger head is perfect for larger areas such as backs, chest, arms etc and actually sucks the skin into it. This tricks the skin into not feeling the heat created by the laser destroying the hair follicle!

How much is laser hair removal going to cost me?

This basically depends on a few variables:

  • the colour of your hair and skin – fine skin dark hair = less treatments  
  • the area treated – backs require more treatments as the hair is deeper
  • the size of the area treated – if you’re a big buy each treatment will take longer
  • the thickness of the hair – really thick hair absorbs so much heat that the burnt hair frizzles onto the head of the laser guard and needs to be wiped off repeatedly so we don’t burn this char onto your skin = more time
  • the efficacy of the machine – the LightSheer is the most efficient on the market, which means less treatments = less costs
  • the operator – an experienced operator will fast AND efficient. Just fast is not always good

Make an appointment today to talk to our experienced laser technicians, and start your path to a hair free body today.