Vein Removal for Men

Lots of guys suffer with small, broken capillaries on the face, and in particular around the nose. These can easily be treated with our state-of-the-art vascular laser. If your problem is more overall redness, the same laser will be used to treat this, but the treatment and parameters differ. This treatment is called Laser Genesis and will be discussed separately to this page which discusses vein removal.

Broken blood vessels are also called telangiectasia’s or spider veins. They can be red, purple or blue in colour and all different sizes. Our Cutera Coolglide laser will help to remove these vessels by coagulating the blood inside the vein with heat and allowing the body’s lymphatic system to remove the clotted blood naturally.

What causes broken capillaries?

There are a lot of contributing factors to redness including: sun exposure and sun-damage, excessive exercise, alcohol intake, smoking, medications, age and of cause, genetics. With our population of sun-lovers and surfers on the Sunshine Coast, we see more than our share of guys wanting treatment for their broken capillaries.

How many treatments are necessary to remove my broken capillaries?
In some instances, vessels can disappear with a single treatment. The nature of blood vessels however is to heal, and they are very good at this. It may take up to 3 sessions to completely close down a vessel.

Is laser vein removal painful?
Honestly, the answer is yes, but the treatment is quick. The Cutera Coolglide is manufactured with a built in cooling mechanism to help to numb the area before treatment.
All laser heat destroy their target, so the bigger the vessel the more heat it will absorb and the more painful. Most facial vessels are only tiny.

Is there any downtime following laser vein removal?
No. The worst case scenario is that the treated vessels may look a bit like a bruise for a week or so. Mostly the vessels initially disappear and the area is a bit red for an hour. You can literally have this done in your lunch hour and go back to work.

Will I get more broken vessels after laser vein removal?
As mentioned, the vessels may repair themselves between treatments and require a few treatments to be completely removed. Once they have been destroyed, they will not return. However if you continue to expose yourself to whichever factors caused the vessels in the first place, you may get more broken capillaries.

Can the laser treat leg veins?
Leg veins are less common in men, but not uncommon. If you have large vessels in your legs, you will require surgery by a vascular surgeon.