Dermal fillers for males

For you to be reading this page, you clearly have some concerns about your appearance. Who doesn’t, right?

 These days, however, you don’t have to just accept being unhappy with your appearance. The solution is often easy and quick – and really not painful.

Lots of men are choosing dermal filler treatments to help them look fresh and to help slow up the ageing process.

At this age, staying competitive in the workplace whether we like it or not, often rides on our appearance.

What type of problems do dermal fillers treat?

  • Deep lines and wrinkles on the face, think deep frown and forehead lines or deep smile lines.
  • Hollowness or darkness under the eyes
  • Hollow cheeks
  • A small chin
  • Help a bent nose appear more straight.
  • Give more strength to the jawline
  • Create a larger chin
  • Subtly enhance the lips

What is a Dermal Filler?

Dermal fillers are clear gel that is injected into the tissues.

This gel filler is most commonly made of a substance found naturally within your body, so it is safe and effective at adding volume and rejuvenating your appearance.

Unfortunately, the TGA (Therapeutic Goods administration) a government department,  does not allow anyone to name the dermal filler products used or even the name of the substance they are made of!

Regardless, the gel used is found in everything on the planet that is moist- be it the leaf of a plant, your eyeball, or your skin.

Regardless of where the gel is found, it is in exactly the same formulation so you cannot ever have an allergy or any reaction to the gel when injected into your tissues.

At Vie Institute, we take great care in researching all products before we offer them to our clients.

All products or procedures that we recommend must:

  • give honestly good results
  • must be long lasting
  • must look natural
  • must have minimal problems associated.

Why are Men having Dermal Fillers Treatment?

  • As we age, volume is lost in the face, for example in the cheeks. Dermal fillers can help to replace this lost volume.
  • You can achieve a more masculine look, or remove deep lines without surgery
  • None or very little downtime is what makes this treatment so popular with our male clients.
  • Oh and so does the fact that it is almost pain-free!

Are Dermal Fillers permanent?

The most important fact to remember about most dermal fillers is that the results are not permanent. Injected material is eventually metabolised by your body.

This is a good thing!

Permanent fillers used over the years always show some sort of problem down the track and the problems are not fun and virtually impossible to remove, even with surgery.

Dermal fillers used at Vie Institute can last from 6months to 2 years depending on:

  • the type of filler that is used
  • the area that is injected.
  • your age
  • your generic background
  • your skin quality
  • your lifestyle – smoking and drinking can reduce the life span of fillers
  • the body injected, as muscles will wear out a dermal filler faster than areas with no muscle movement.
  • Most importantly- your metabolism.
  • If you are the type of guy that metabolises everything quickly – bad luck. You will metabolise your fillers more quickly than most as well.

Will the Dermal Filler treatment hurt?

All dermal filler treatments should be relatively pain-free experiences.

These days all of the dermal fillers we stock have a local anaesthetic in their formulation.

A topical anaesthetic cream may be applied to the area to be treated, or for sensitive areas such as the lips, a local anaesthetic may be injected.

Our nurses are very gentle and are given plenty of time for your treatment, so you are not rushed at all.

Will anyone notice that I have had a dermal filler treatment?

Men can often be concerned that their treatment will be noticed by others

We are firm believers of less is best, and will always recommend you start with a small amount and increase this once you’ve seen how subtle the treatment is.

You may have minor bruising or swelling but this is well explained at your initial consultation.

The result from a dermal filler treatment is instant and generally has little or no downtime.

Am I suitable for Dermal Fillers?

  • Facial rejuvenation is individualised, that’s why it is important to discuss your hopes and expectations before treatment begins and the reason we give you a half-hour consultation at no cost prior to your first treatment.
  • Not all facial lines or concerns can be treated with dermal fillers. Some require anti-wrinkle treatments and some only surgery can improve.
  • Some lines, particularly on a sun-damaged male face, are so deep that they will need literally require bucket loads of product. In this case, our nurses may discuss the merits of a surgery over lots of fillers
  • If you suffer from an auto-immune disease, are allergic to the local anaesthetic or have multiple allergies – you may not be a suitable candidate.
  • That leaves most of the population perfect candidates!

How will I know the best Dermal Filler for me?

  • Government regulations prohibit us from using trade or brand names these days, so it is difficult to explain the differences between the many different dermal fillers in text.
  • Our nurses offer a 45-minute consultation free of charge to discuss the many dermal fillers available today and what will be best in your given circumstance.

 Why Choose Vie Institute for my dermal filler treatment?

  • Our nurses are full-time injectors – they have more experience than any other on the Coast. Jan has been injecting for us since 2000 and Moira since 2005!
  • They will give you the very best advice and treatment. Not all fillers are meant to be used in all areas of the face and guys often need the heavier products to give more oomph and projection, as male tissues are thicker and stronger than females.
  • Our nurse’s treatments are virtually pain-free! This is one arena that really sets us apart from the rest. Our nurses take special care to ensure that your experience is as pain-free as possible. We ensure they have plenty of time to make you comfortable, they are gentle and caring. Once you have experienced treatments with our nurses, you will never go anywhere else!
  • Every product and procedure undertaken at Vie Institute has been researched by Dr. McGovern, a Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon and everything is done according to his strict protocols- in place to ensure you have the best experience and results.
  • Satisfaction rates are very high after dermal filler treatments. You will be surprised at the very pleasing results that can be gained from this simple non-surgical procedure and how good this makes you feel!