What is Laser Genesis?

Laser Genesis is a rejuvenating treatment for the skin, using medical grade laser technology. This treatment has been scientifically proven to promote collagen and elastin stimulation helping with fine lines and wrinkles. It will also help shut down redness in the skin and help reduce pores size.

By using thermal fusion this treatment penetrates the upper dermis and heats the skin to 42 degrees. The treatment is warm, comfortable and non-invasive. With no down-time it is perfect for an upcoming event or as a regular maintenance treatment.

What can Laser Genesis do for my skin?

Laser Genesis will help with

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Collagen and elastin stimulation
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Redness in the skin
  • Open enlarged pores
  • Uneven skin tone and texture
  • Scarring

Does Laser Genesis Hurt?

A warming sensation is all most people will feel on the skin, when the area is close to the 42 degrees the skin will feel warmer than usual. Most people can fall asleep during this treatment.

How long will Laser Genesis take?

A quick 15 minute genesis consult will commence before treatment and the full face of genesis will take 45 minutes.

Will there be downtime with Laser Genesis?

No downtime for this treatment, Laser Genesis is a quick, non-invasive treatment. You will see and feel results immediately.

How much will Laser Genesis cost?

Starting price for Laser Genesis is $125 for Half Face or for the Full Face its $250. You can add on a lactic peel for an extra exfoliation for an extra $30 and go the Hollywood Facial, which is one of our most popular treatments.

Is there anything I have to do before my Laser Genesis treatment?

The laser is attracted to pigment, so it’s imperative to shave before your treatment if you would like a full face treatment. If you have facial hair you can proceed with treatment we can do half face treatment. It is discussed in your consent that permanent hair removal may be a concern to some patients with this treatment.

How many Laser Genesis treatments are necessary to see results?

On average 4-6 treatments are recommended to get full stimulation of the collagen and elastin. You can have these 4 weeks apart. You will love the results after just one or two treatments.