skin-careThank goodness times have changed and it is cool for guys to look after their appearance these days. Looking good starts with clear, healthy skin.

If you have never looked after your skin it is never too late to start. If you have been using skin products for years, but you’re still not happy with the way your skin looks, then you have arrived at the right place.

As a practice, we have always been interested in the skin, as our skin’s health is important to how we feel about ourselves, and can affect our everyday dealings in life. Let’s face it, if we look in the mirror in the morning and don’t like what we see, that directly influences the rest of our day!

As early as 1995, Dr McGovern was researching skin care products that would make a difference and recommending these to his surgical clients to enhance the results of their surgery. The results achieved were so good, that we started recommending that everyone be on medical grade skin care products.

In the early days we were limited to medical grade vitamin A (Tretinoin) and alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA’s). Today these products are still the basis of a great skin care regime, but we have so much more available and to choose from. We can now completely tailor a regime for each individual and their particular skin condition and needs.

Are the products targeting male skin any different to regular skin products?
The answer is “No” , and that packaging is probably costing you extra.

What products should I be using?
– Male skin is thicker than female skin, particularly in hair-bearing areas, so it is less likely to line and wrinkle. However it is often heavy and coarse. AHA’s are great for softening thick skin and refining large pores.
– medical grade vitamin A (Tretinoin) is the very best cream to help refine thicker male skins and it has the added advantage of being the very best anti-ageing cream on the market – and the cheapest!
– a good medical grade vitamin C serum will help to prevent ageing and aid in healthy collagen production. Keeping your skin healthy and youthful
– if you have any specific skin needs these can be discussed with one of our dermal therapists at consultation.

What is the difference between medical grade skin care and OTC (over the counter) preparations?
– Medical grade skin preparations have had to pass rigorous testing and work at a cellular level to actually help reverse damage to cellular DNA, or to deposit anti-oxidants to prevent further problems.
– OTC products are generally extremely weak versions of the medical grade products.

Can just putting creams on my skin make my skin look better?
Yes, if you choose medical grade products

Where can I buy medical grade skin care products?
– Medical grade skin care products can only sold to doctors.
– look for a skin clinic owned and run by a dermatologist or plastic surgeon.

If you would like better looking skin, call us today for your skin consultation.
Our dermal therapists are passionate about everyone having great skin!