chemical-peelIf you have any skin problem or concern, we will have a skin “peel” to help you. And yes, we have lots of males who love our skin peels!

The term “skin peels” is actually misleading. You don’t have to peel to get results when using medical grade products. Of course, for serious results, the more downtime, the better the result you will get. More correctly theses should be called “skin treatments” , but then no one wold know what we’re talking about!

Skin peels used to be called “chemical peels”, which is accurate as these are naturally occurring chemicals that we are applying to the skin. In days gone by the popular chemical peels were TCA(Trichloracetic acid) and Phenol peels. These peels gave excellent results, but were unpredictable and many people ended up scarred as a result.

Today’s medical grade skin peels are more sophisticated and gentle. We have more than 20 products that we can use, mix and match to treat your individual needs.

Our dermal therapist Michelle have had years of experience using the many medical grade skin peels we have to choose from. They can not only tailor a skin peel to your needs, but with their level of experience they can layer different peels and even add a layer of Jessner Solution to deepen the action and improve your end result.

What is the difference between a medical grade skin peel and a facial?

Like chalk and cheese.
– a facial is more about relaxing than anything else. You may get a bit of exfoliation and moisture, but that is the extent of a facial.
– a skin peel is also relaxing, but the medical grade products used are active and can treat problems such as:
1. Acne
2. Pigmentation
3. Sun –damage
4. Solar keratoses or early sun-damage (for all the surfers and farmers etc out there)
5. Deep exfoliation
6. Refine enlarged pores and skin tone in general
6. Neglect in general

How often do you have to have skin peels?
You can have a peel as a once off, to kick start your skin regime or monthly if you have a problem that needs treating.

Do I have to prepare my skin before a skin peel?
– Our heavy duty skin peels require pre-treatment with medical grade skin care to achieve optimal results.
– Many peels require no pre-treatment and can be done at the time of your skin consultation


If you would like more information about skin peels, please call us to make an appointment for a consultation with our dermal therapists. We’ll have you on the road to great skin within a couple of weeks!