muscle-relaxantsDon’t all  males look good with wrinkles?  Try asking a close friend – guaranteed they’ll say that a few crinkles around your eyes are becoming – but those heavy lines across your forehead just make you look old!

Wrinkles and facial lines are caused by a few different factors, and the best way to prevent further wrinkles is to limit your exposure to those influences as much as  you can .

Obviously the sun and many years of sun exposure have damaged the DNA in your skin cells, and your skin is less elastic than it was when you were young. Therefore the skin doesn’t snap back in place when you animate (smile, frown etc). This is the initial reason that lines start.

Of course we can reverse this damage over time using   medical grade vitamin A creams (see the medical  skin care pages on this site). We can also use medical grade vitamin C and mineral based sunscreens to prevent further damage. But the lines you have now can really only be treated with muscle relaxants (now commonly called Bro-tox) or dermal fillers.

Do I need muscle relaxants or dermal fillers for my lines?

Deeper lines which are present all the time (static lines), such as the line that runs from the nose down the side of the mouth (nasolabial lines) are best treated with dermal fillers, or in more severe cases,  by the use of laser or chemical peels to resurface the skin.

Expression (or dynamic) lines occur when we smile, laugh or frown and the delicate muscles underlying the skin contract, producing “laugh lines” or “crow’s feet”, frown lines and horizontal forehead lines. Dynamic lines often contribute to a cross, unfriendly expression.

It is these dynamic wrinkles that may be erased or dramatically reduced with the use of muscle relaxants. Muscle relaxants have been used safely and effectively in the medical industry for over 20 years now. Initially they were used to treat eye problems of a muscular nature as well as muscle contractions in the neck and for cerebral palsy, where children have difficulty walking because of muscle contraction.

How do muscle relaxants work?

The muscle relaxants work by blocking the release of a chemical (acetylcholine) at the neuro-muscular junction (where a nervous impulse crosses from the nerve to the muscle for it to contract). This effectively prevents the muscle from working, so it remains relaxed.

Muscle relaxants for facial linesman_bef_aft

Muscle relaxants have been used extensively to prevent facial lines since about 1998. Today an enormous percentage of the population  of all ages, both male and female are treating facial lines with muscle relaxants.

Muscle relaxants used to prevent facial jowling and lines

More and more muscle relaxants are used to prevent lines from forming in the first place, rather than just treating lines as they appear. Personal study of  your face will show that where you have strong muscle action, you have either lines forming or in some cases jowling of the overlying skin – in the lower face for instance.

In the neck the use of muscle relaxants can prevent the neck from becoming loose, and from the bands forming in the neck – both are seen as a markers of ageing.

Muscle relaxants used for Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)

Muscle relaxants are also used to prevent Hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating – often a problem under the arms, but can also be a problem on the hands, feet and scalp.

We have been successfully treating problems  of excessive sweating for 10 years at Vie. This is a life changing event for the guys we’ve treated! Most men find they get relief from the excessive sweating for about 7 months. See our web page for more details on Hyperhidrosis.

Muscle relaxants to eliminate migraine headaches

Do you suffer with migraines? Incorrectly this is thought of as a female only problem, but a large proportion of the male population suffer with debilitating headaches.

Not all migraines can be treated with muscle relaxants. Generally if you know what your trigger is  eg chocolate etc, then muscle relaxant treatments won’t work for you. However if you suffer for no known  reason, then it may be that you have an over-active procerus muscle. What does all that mean? Well the procerus is one of the 5 basic muscles that you use when you frown. If you have heavy frown lines – then you are definitely using your procerus muscle lots, and this may well be the cause of your headaches.

Bro-tox, or muscle relaxants can be directly applied to the procerus muscle and within a week you will know if this has worked for your  headaches. If so, you will generally be migraine free for up to 7 months! As an added benefit your heavy frown lines will be reduced (which isn’t a bad thing – no one needs frown lines!)

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NB. Unfortunately government regulations prohibit the use of brand names of muscle relaxants and dermal fillers in any advertisement or on our website.