“Natural Look Showcase” Winners

Natural Look Showcase WinnersIn March 2010 Allergan sponsored a national competition for cosmetic injectors. This was the first of its kind and unfortunately, the last. The aim of the competition was to see just what can be achieved through the use of non-surgical modalities. The competition was called “Natural Look Showcase”, open to all cosmetic injectors throughout Australia – both doctors and nurses.
The competition was divided into four age related categories – 20 – 30 years, 30 – 40 years, 40 – 50 years, and 50 – 60 years. Each entrant could submit one case study in each category. The competition was judged in Adelaide at the Cosmetic Physicians Society of Australia (CPSA) national Cosmetix Conference. The judging panel was a collection of international doctors presenting at the Cosmetix Conference.

Vie Institute’s two specialist cosmetic nurses – Jan Marett and Moira Somers both entered the competition, each showcasing two of their clients. Both Jan and Moira were awarded first place in separate age divisions! Jan won first place for the 40 – 50 year age category and Moira won the 20 – 30 year age division.

Quite apart from the prestige of winning these awards, the patents involved were absolutely thrilled with their results! The common feedback was that they were surprised and delighted at the scope of improvement using non-surgical techniques.
We are very proud of both girls! To win two out of four national awards is an excellent achievement and is testament to the collaboration of Allergan and Vie Institute in terms of both training and use of product to elevate and develop our nurses injecting skills.

Allergan is consistent in the development of their product range and the use of innovative techniques and we are very pleased with the ongoing relationship, culminating in this prestigious win.